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About Us

Luoka, founded in 2001, has been committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality household lighting products. Lights are exported to many countries.

Over years of experiences in the field of lighting industry, we have developed both a strong work team and a professional management team, and we have well-managed workshops and perfect management systems, which ensure us to meet the need of our customers.

During the developing, we have formed our corporation culture. "Respect, trust, services and quality" are our core values. The values have been Infiltrated into our company and make our company more efficient, more harmonious and more united.

“Make excellent lights” is our mission. “satisfy our customers ” is our promise. These are not only slogans, but also activities. we are making great efforts to prove that Luoka is a right choice!

What's New

How to clean the chandelie?

Chandeliers installed at home look beautiful and atmospheric, but over time, they are prone to dust. How does that chandelier clean?

These three lamps are the family are the most useless

Lamp is an indispensable tool in modern life, even in many small and dark Huxing main lighting tools. I never object to the installation of lamps in the decoration, and even advocate that we install a little more lights, as far as possible to achieve no dead angle, a variety of brightness, multi-point control is the best.

How to choose the living room lamps?

Compared with the previous attention to the safety of home life, living in the modern we pay more attention to the comfort and beauty of home in addition to the security of home. How to choose the living room lamps? These considerations need to be known.